Thursday, December 16, 2010

What A Little 57 MPG Engine Could Do

For those seeking a more stringent fuel economy and worried about the regulation of emissions, then a compact or subcompact car might be the perfect solution. Many companies are now looking to launch its own line of compact and subcompact vehicles.

These models are more fuel efficient and are much smaller. However, one company seems to be ahead when it comes to pushing the envelope for ultra compact car. Fiat has just launched its new two-cylinder engine in the 500.

According to the company, this new engine, the TwinAir875cc, will be one of the best in terms of fuel efficiency. Only receive about 57.4 miles per gallon. This tiny motor in the 500 has exceeded all Euro 5 emissions regulations. Maybe it's the same vehicle that will allow Fiat to maintain its position as the first European carrier has the lowest CO2 emissions of its fleet.

A TwinAir Fiat 500 is estimated to cost around $ 16,775. Moreover, the company is also using the same engine in a new mild hybrid.

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