Sunday, December 05, 2010

Roehr Releases New eRoehr eSuperBike

I was still back in January that Roehr Motorcycles announced plans to release and electric bicycles. However, it was not until recently that, Gurnee, released more information about the proposed vehicle electronics.

There will be three models included in this training eRoehr, which include eSuperSport and eSuperBike. The Superbike is scheduled to carry 135 mph as top speed. The three bikes will be powered by a lithium-iron-phosphate, which is created by the system battery property management company.

As for the RR eSuperBike will have a version of turnkey, who will go for around $ 34,495. For this price, buyers can expect a radial mount four-piston Brembo stoppers, and lighter wheels.

Moreover, the eSuperSport online uses AC induction motor and even promises to give even a top speed of 100 mph.

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