Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Bugatti Veyron – Fastest Car in the World

Bugatti has done it again, its latest version of the Veyron, the Super Sport, has been labeled the fastest car in the world. He has broken previous records that ran 256 mph that was created by the SSC Ultimate Aero way in 2007.

Vehicle performance really surprised even the engineers. The Veyron original also had its glory days when he had the record for being the fastest to 2007. Was exceeded at 253 mph, with 8.0 liters of 16-cylinder engine.

The Super Sport has remained the same engine but its turbochargers and intercoolers have been much larger. This remodeling has resulted in increased production of 1,001 hp Veyron. Moreover, the new version has carbon fiber shell of your body that makes it lighter.

The new Bugatti will be in production and in August, along with the regular Veyron and the Grand Sport.

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