Saturday, January 08, 2011

New Mercedes CL Sets Foot in the UK

Mercedes has taken a bold step of introducing a new basic model for the media, while in the United Kingdom. The show featured the new Mercedes CL coupe. Was held in the Brooklands racetrack in Surrey engine.

New Mercedes CL 'is an S-Class vehicle. The company has made some important changes for this model. In particular, is the new bi-turbo V8 engine that comes with the model CL 500 blue efficiency.

Although it's 800cc smaller than the interior of its predecessor, there is much horsepower. The company says the improvement is about 12% or 435 horsepower total. There is also a lot more torque with the new engine, about 700 instead of 530 Newton.

The last CL also comes equipped with two new systems of security. These include the Active Lane Keeping Assist gently pushing the brakes whenever the vehicle leaves the lane. The second system will be active Blind Spot Assist. These systems work only after the driver ignored or not to appropriate initial actions.

The launch of the new CL was made to match the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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