Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Honda Announces that They will Cut Prices for their Bikes

Honda has announced that they will be cutting the prices of their motorcycles at about 2000 national standards.

The company is making this bold move, hoping to win favor with the younger audience back to the bikes. Over the next couple of years, the popular bike company will cut prices of 45 models. Estimates of between 10 and 30% price cut will happen, according to the company.

This is certainly great news for all Honda enthusiasts and those looking to try their hand at getting a motorcycle. To give you an idea, the more affordable model of the company is the Honda Super Cub 50, will have a price that is less than $ 500 or about 40000 yen. As for Forza, buyers can save up to $ 1300 in price.

Both models are among the most popular Honda motorcycle list. As the company cuts prices, but also intends to increase the number of models being launched primarily in the region of Asia.

A lot of people in emerging nations are slowly becoming the bicycle for their transportation needs. However, despite this desire, sales are still a little slow for the company. With this price reduction, Honda is hoping to be able to better reach their audience and increase sales.

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